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*Thank You for putting this in the Video Game Collections, Enjoy*

EDIT-Thank you to Douglas TenNapel and Lemm for watching this collab, we hope we gave Jim a honorable good bye.

A Tribute collabaration run by RicStrife23 as a gift to Earthworm Jim and Douglas TenNapel.

IMPORTANT!!!-The whole collab is not a Movie, TheBlox was nice enough to remake the Puppy Love game, Enjoy-Ric


i remember this from May!

i remember this flash...
Earthworm Jim is my favorite character all time, it been long time since it was, hey why ng they should make an earthworm jim spoof collection, beside i like the rpg: between Jim vs. Mecha Shadow.
why you should make an Earthworm Jim Collab 2. :)
keep up the good work.

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RicStrife responds:

Well, first of all thanks. and second, a EWJ Collection would be wasted because there are only 2 good EWJ movies on NG, so if you really like this movie, vote for it to get into the VG Collections. and finally, I have had alot of requests for a EWJ Collab 2. So I may pull together a few more artists for a sequal ~Ric


That was great!

I liked that Ric guys movie, I didn't like the others, especialy Scopions...I had to whach it 3 times before I understood what was happening. And the Block's EWJ 2 Puppy Love game was awesome! Do you think you could put this on another website? Because School computers block out Newgrounds and I'd like to play that when I complete all my work.

We need more stuff like this instead of "Jim VS Hamtaro" and Pooping "Attalk game".

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RicStrife responds:

Thanks for enjoying My movie, unfortunatly I only host my movies on NG, this is because...Well, I dont like any other sites :P So if I ever find any of my movies on EbaumsWorld, Flash Portal Etc, I will got insane. But When I get the time (and money) I will make my own website to host my movies- Ric

Since you call yourself a EWJ fan then you should know that Jim loves Princess-Whats-Her-Name but she doesnt feel the same way. That's why I had him trying to impress her. The rest was just for fun!!- Scorpion1813


Hey, dudes!, This was very funny and exellent work! =D lol. cool orange thing there, midnightmaren..hehe. Cool work guys!

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RicStrife responds:

Thank You, I have found the less reviews people have the more honest they are. please enjoy the rest of our groups movies (I Cant recomend just one, there all my friends ;p) -Ric


Scorpion's part;

Graphics:It was interesting to see that he choose a bar.However his Jim was quite silly xP.

Style:I think his style was quite amusing and original cause you don't see it often in sprite entrees.A really refreshing style and that makes me curious to his next entree.

Sound:He really made a good combination of the bar background and the silly music.it totally fit.However it would be nice if Jim is doing crazy that the silly music from the beginning cames in.

Violence:No comment.


Humor:Through the silly music and crazy actions of Jim it makes it quite amusing to see.Good Job.

Ric's part:

Graphics:It's quite interesting you choose this backgrounds.It isn't my style.Maybe some happier backgrounds of worms would be better,but that's your choice.

Style:It's nice to see some worms action.It's been a long time ago that I see worms in action.nice work xD

Sound:Just like scorpion,you have made a great combination of sound.That's all can say,only one thing still is right.The little voice
act was a little bit annoying.

Violence:some real worm action.The makers of Worms could be proud on you.


Humor:It's fun to see how those worms go down whahaha xP.

TheBlox's part:

Graphics:The choose of it,is quite interesting,because in most of this kind of games happier graphics are used.But still it's quite nice.

Style:Funny I think,because i've seen a worm hold a marsmellow to catch up some doggies.Funny to see,but only the dog is quite creepy when he goes mad.

Sound:I don't understand why he chooses that kind of music and that kind of graphics.They don't fit together and it's quite rare that kind of combination.Maybe he want to make some funny combi?

Violence:No comment.


Humor:it's fun to play it ones or twice,but that's it.It isn't really exciting and that makes it quite boring,but still worth to play one or twice.Maybe some more action in the game makes it nicer?

MidNightMaden's part:

Graphics:nice backgrounds,but the earthworm Jim is a little bit unsharp at the beginning.That's the only - point,further it looks good.

Style:not very original but okay to watch.Your style isn't very original,because many of the sprite authors use this kind of styl.It's okay for a while,but after that there must some other style.

Sound:Fine Job,that's all I can say.

Violence:The battle between Jim and Mecha was a great piece of work.Nice actions.Keep up the good work of that kind of violence.


Humor:okay to watch.


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RicStrife responds:

Very nice in depth review, We all did our best to bring honor to Jim, and I hope we did


not bad i guess. it kind of anoyed me though. with him nott killin tho robot and all.

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RicStrife responds:

We were aiming toward 1Mb Each fo rthis collab, Unfortunatly, MNM's made 1.2Mb, so no more could be added :S

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May 24, 2006
4:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody