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*Thank You for putting this in the Video Game Collections, Enjoy*

EDIT-Thank you to Douglas TenNapel and Lemm for watching this collab, we hope we gave Jim a honorable good bye.

A Tribute collabaration run by RicStrife23 as a gift to Earthworm Jim and Douglas TenNapel.

IMPORTANT!!!-The whole collab is not a Movie, TheBlox was nice enough to remake the Puppy Love game, Enjoy-Ric


What a ways to go...

KAMIKAZI! XD I'll give a separate review for each part of the collab:

Ric: You win. You just win. Nuff said.
Blox: Kind of addicting game. I like the music! ;D
Scorp: LOL, that don't impress me much! Kinda retarded, though. But then, this is EJ, isn't it?
Midnight: Uh....a little too into the story? Too much to do with Sonic RPG? Too much to do with RPGS and Sonic period? But still, it was awesome.

RicStrife responds:

Thanks for loving my part :P
Blox's game was a recreation of a EWJ mini game, the music was from that mini game also.
MNM is truly a heavy animator, all his sotries are in depth and long. ~Ric

Woot! ^_^

This is awesome,Brings back so many memories =) and kudos on the credits,the Earth Worm Jim song was really enjoyable to listen to! ^_^ The worms Armeggedon one was really funny,I play the game too so I had lots of fun with it.

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RicStrife responds:

YAY, you picked out the 2 things I worked on ;P
Yeah, ever since I started flash, I had the idea to have Earthworm Jim cross-over into Worms, I enjoyed making it, the credits, I just wanted to play that song XD ~Ric

Pretty Groovy.

Thanks, guys. This brought back some great childhood memories. I almost forgot how weird Earthworm Jim as a video game really was for it's time. :)

Note to Nightmaren though, it's never a good idea to include a peice into a collab that ends with a "to be continued".

That being said, Ric's jim/worms parody stole the show. Hell, I've never even played a Worms game beforer but they've been proven to be a comedy goldmine on Newgrounds for me.

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RicStrife responds:

Thanks alot, glad to hear you liked it. And MNM put it as a To Be Continued because he might make the full movie one day.

I remember T_T

That was a kick ass show and so were the games, but i could never beat them cuz i was such a noob. Oh well.


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RicStrife responds:

I got stuck on the Professor-Monkey-for-a-head level alot...

Yeah, EWJ rules, I miss it T_T


OMG!!! that was freakin awesome! i thought people forgot who earthworm jim was! please make a second part.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
awesome job!

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RicStrife responds:

Alas, this movie was a goodbye to EWJ. For you see, that is the problem, no one remembers Jim, so I tried to bring him honor in this send off, so I made this collab, and even Douglas TenNapel watched it, So I think its safe to say, this was a good farewell to Jim, and there will be no more. Sorry, but Jim may make appearences in our other movies ~Ric

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May 24, 2006
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