Western Lights

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Here you go. A short animation with symbolism and such.
Please review etc.

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This was odd.

^^Good Points^^
I would say the graphics weren't too bad. The character designs were pretty...interesting. The storyline was odd as well, but I am leaning towards liking it more than disliking it since it is pretty unique.. The music was also good. It, like the storyline was odd and unique at the same time.

^^Needs Improving^^
You graphics could stand some improving; mainly this needs more detail. One example would be the scene were the red-faced guy is in his carriage. The far away camera scenes show nothing but the sky, the ground, and a single tree. Something in that area would improve the graphics a whole bunch.


I'm not going to say the graphics were bad...but they were mediocer...I'd say to redraw the whole thing, maybe add some voice overs, and then your good to go...

I imagine that there will be...

...lots of people who don't understand this. "Explain the symbolism dick!" or "i don't get it therefore you suck". It's an unfortunate matter this, because i understand the potent phallocentricism and sense of paranoia. The whole point of symbolism is to work it out for yourself. Not to be explained it. Take the simple toothpick. Are you really that inept to work out what it does or what it's for? Yes, that's right kids, pick your teeth with it. It's the symbol for cleaning your teeth...like toothpaste, or a toothbrush. And what does clean teeth mean? hygiene! Correct. That's how symbols work. Sadly with IQs dropping like flies to cyanide, this could be an impossible feat.

The simple animation contrasted against the vicious reds were very potent. I liked what you did with the carriage-very clever. I understand your frequency and wavelength, and for that I respect this short.


that was wierd and the music was eerie


and the sound was annoying! :S

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May 24, 2006
3:48 PM EDT
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