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Madness Stage creatorV1.4

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more and more stuff for the madness stage creator (in color)



either u stole this from someone else or u just change the name cause i did v1.4 v1.6 v .18 v.2 v2.5 v.3 and v4 and all the others and not one thing is different so make some new things in it


good but not the best i have seen, plus i hate the music

it's only an average game, but good job.

make it a little better,faster,and moar VIOLENT


nice but the bodies need improvment


--The Good--

Well, first of all, there were plenty of options to make different scenes in this movie. There seemed to be infinite heads, and weapons, and blood options (kind of), and probably more stuff. I love the style of Madness guys, too. I just think that they are so... unique, and intersting looking. There was plenty of interactivity in this movie (due to all of the different weapons and stuff there was to use in the scene). Also, I really like the music from Mission Impossible. It's pretty awesome. The grpahics in this flash weren't bad, and there was plenty of violence (not that that's a good thing, or is it...?)

--The Improvement-Needed--

Well, first of all, your pre-loader looks pretty bad. It looks unprofessional and lackadaisical. The way it is split in half; not very good (or at least I didn't like it). Also, the cursor moves too slowly; you should make it go at the pretty much normal speed that a typical cursor goes at. Your menu isn't very obvious, either. I don't think many people would realize that you have to press the drawing to move on to the scene creator (I had to right-click play the first time I played this). Also, the screen for making your scene is too small; you should ake it bigger. And, also, I don't like how ost of the heads are on their side, and how the bodies automatically turn vertically when yo drag them; corpses don't usually stand up. I gave you a 1 in humour because of the speech-boxes.


Overall, I gave you a 5 (in the review :). You definately need to improve on this (like the slow cursor, the veritcally-turning bodies, etc.) Some aspects of the soundboard are good, like the music (although you could use the full song from Mission: Impossible movie). You have made many versions of these, too. And, I'm guessing, that with each of these, you are getting better.

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2.35 / 5.00

May 24, 2006
2:43 PM EDT
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