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Hold on to your hats Newgrounders!

This is a movie parodying the infamous 'leg crossing' scene from basic instinct. But it's far better than that scene because this particular parody involves members of the Clock Crew! Such fun! Don't forget to leave a review!

Running time: 57 seconds approx


this flash is awesome

I loved it mister CrustClock


i'm not a real clock, just a really big fan. if i could afford flash, i'd be jumping on the bandwagon, fo sho. strawberry goes camping was my first glimpse into the peverse, random world of clocks...so by deafult, you are my favorite clock artist. now i won't say i'll be voting fifen on all clocks, but so far, so good. B

CrustClock responds:

Flattery will get you everywhere :]

Thanks again for all your reviews and favourites!

Not Bad

--The Good--

The graphics in this movie were pretty good, and so was the style. The sound, unlike some clockc rew movies, was easy to understand and hear (also the subtitles might have helped :). As I mentioned above, I like the style of this movie. Also, this movie was sort of funny; it was kind of sick funny. There was some violence in this movie, too (the fact that PineappleClock was tied up to a chair). I'm not saying that's a good thing, though... (or is it...?) Oh, and I also liked your pre-loader!

--The Improvement-Needing--

Well, first of all, this movie was far too short, in my opinion. You should have made it longer... maybe you should have StrawberryClock and OrangeClock ask PinappleClock some more questions, or something... anyway, ti was too short. Also (I'm not complaining) but there wasn't any nudity in this movie; there may have been extreme adult themes, but there was almost definately not extreme nudity in this movie. There wasn't really any interactivity in this movie, except for the 'PLAY' button (although this is movie, not a game, so it doesn't really matter).


Overall I gave you a 7. This flash was good while it lasted, but it was far too short (which basically means it was good while it lasted). The sound was pretty easy to understand (the subtitles might have helped too); and, I also like the sound of Speakonia voices! Your pre-loader was pretty cool, too. It was kind of sick humour, too. Anyway, I think a lot of people are going to enjoy this, and a lot of people aren't, because they want their nudity! :)

that was amusing

I find it really funny how people are leaving reviews complaining that they didn't get to see any nudity.

Besides that good job I thought it was amusing

I wanted nudity.

I don't see no extreme nudity this thing was 31 seconds long and it was boring. Go make a better clock flash (WITH A PURPOSE!)

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3.04 / 5.00

May 24, 2006
11:50 AM EDT
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