"We are coming after you"

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You must hit the Filth in the right spot to annihilate 'em!!

"We are coming after you. God may have mercy on you, but we won't,"
~Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona.

Soon you scum!

P>S> To ALL Of you Bleeding-Heart Liberal's, Who don't think it's "RiGHT" to kill people or "Children", don't even BOTHER looking at this Game. If you dopes don't get it NOW, You NEVER, EVER WILL!!!!
This Liberal Shite CANNOT FLY ANY LONGER!!!!!
'god' luv.

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You're so stupid, you're own game dosn't even work

You can only kill the first guy, after that, it fucking freezes. Which proves just how intellegent you stupid republicans are. Lacking intellegence, reason, and common sense, the only way you can survive is to fight like hell for your lost causes, and use childish name-calling against any intellegent individual who disagrees with you. That's been you're parties only strategy, calling people "commies", "hippies", "tree-huggers", "lefties", "libs", what's gonna be your new word when "liberal" runs out of juice, you gonna start calling people terrorists now?

You're game is broke, and so is your own twisted concept of a inferior ideology and view on reality. I can clearly see Bush has got you wraped around his finger with his "support our troops" message, even though he is the one responsible for sending them into harms way. Get your head out of your ass, start thinking about what is really going on in the world around you, and don't ever fucking waste my time with another fucking game that dosn't even work.

bull plop

fuckign americans, lets end hate with more hate! hah yeah thatll work u fucking dip fucks


I like this game. satan13 bite me. this game is true.

I enjoyed it, AboveFate...

I really enjoyed the game AboveFate. maybe you should do a game on killing Christians as well. There are some of us on here who are anti-Christian, such as myself.

Racism is never acceptable.

I've seen your "The ONLY Solution" before; it's a disgusting piece of bile that should be stricken from Newgrounds. This movie is proof that your animation skills are no better when you're sober. You're also no more reasonable while sober. Hell, I got a bigger kick out of reading your description than I did out of playing your "game":

"To ALL Of you Bleeding-Heart Liberal's (sic), Who don't think it's "RiGHT"(sic) to kill people or "Children"..."

It's not right to kill children, no matter what Donald Rumsfeld tells you when he talks about the "costs of war". Nor is it right to hate Muslims because of the acts of a few in a hateful minority. Otherwise, Osama would be right when he condemns Americans as nothing but heathens.

Thanks to the urgings of good little sheep like you who watch Fox News and feel that we should just bomb the hell out of any Muslim country we like, we are now at war with Iraq for no legitimate reason and we have lost 4000 American soldiers, as well as countless innocent Iraqi citizens. America is the pariah of the world, thanks to the urgings of people like you to continue the oil war disguised as an assault on terrorism. Do you feel proud, AboveFate?

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1.53 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2001
1:00 PM EDT
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