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There was this man, who called the news when this was happening.. he was on the 83rd Floor.


Good Movie poor comments

In response to the last couple of comments. yes america bombed innocents in japan. but it was in responce to a cowardly sneak attack on pearl harbor. and that is not just a military compound there is a city there that was attacked too. so yes innocents were killed but only after they killed ours first. also innocents in japan or iraq or watever have to die because these cowardly countrys hide there armys in popluated areas becasue they know america does not want to kill civilians. personally i don't think we should tip toe around the idea of killing innocents because that is why we got our asses kicked in vietnam. those men that died for our country becasue politics (the whole civilian issue) wouldn't let them fight, were drafted, they did not want to be there but they went. so in a way our drafted soldiers, tho techniclly part of the army, were unwilling civilian soldiers(if u follow my train of thought)
So i wouldn't worry about being thought a big bad country and end up losing the war. I would do what needed to be done. whether i like it or not.

Pretty good

It was Pretty ggood just next time increase the length

High Quality Flash Animation

No matter the situation Ortiz AnimationZ always makes good high quality movies.

This movie brings the horror of 09/11/01

This film brings back all of those memories of September 11, 2001, the day when I was heading home from school looking forward to a Baseball game I was going to play in, untill I saw a horrific image on the tv that showed why all of the students were rushed out of school, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.


this is the only9/11 movie i watched...good job

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Sep 13, 2001
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