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There was this man, who called the news when this was happening.. he was on the 83rd Floor.




yeh "sniff" that was very painful...

great work man...kill all parodys and look at some movies like this.
that terror come no one forgot.
thanks for this amazing movie MindChamber

Twats?Oh ya good film

How dare you call Canadian's Twat's eh?My country is 10 times more free then the United States of America.You know why we still solute the queen?Well first off the only reason america doesn't is because they backstabbed the rest of the world and left!So if anyone is a Twat it's America.On a lighter note we needed a film like this and in no way am i saying america deserved this.

P.S We won the war of 1812 14 Battles to 7 :P


That was amazing. And SuperFreakyBoy and Unknown-factor, have you no sympathy? My girlfriend was in one of those towers Motherfucker! Such sarcasm and bullshit like it was predicted?! Yeah sure if you fold a Five Dollar Bill and a Twenty Dollar Bill properly you see the twin towers and them burning but that's shit! She may be gone but you know what? I find this a wonderful homage video to 9/11.

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great work

1st of all Ortiz you've always been one of,if not my fave flash artist.great work as usual

now about the tradgety,im canadian but that doesnt mean im not effected,i got hit with it pretty hard..my g/f had family who was killed so its effected my life drasticly,but i dont mean 2 sound selfish.there is a saying that goes "when the united states sneezes everyone feels it" and thats true,the world is affected by this,and who ever was behind it is going to have hell to pay. not only from the US but from Canada as well,and possibly England,France,and Russia.
these ppl just signed a death wish and i hope their country is nothing more then a crator when we are done with them

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Sep 13, 2001
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