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There was this man, who called the news when this was happening.. he was on the 83rd Floor.



Good, and grestof can go to hell.

Great graphic style, should have been longer

What the hell was the last reviewer rabling aimlessly about? Being insensative.. I fail to understand his/her point and saw nothing poking fun of this act or terrorism. I certanly didn't see any refference to muslims being violent but would love to point out that the leaders of the muslim faith are telling ALL muslims wouldwide to be prepared to fight FOR Bin Laden... so I would have Muslims who are "true Muslim" are pretty much going to have to kill you in your sleep.

Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Satan, Moonpuppies, or whomever you prey to keep you well. Sorry for the rant but I hate ignorant people.


I hate terrorist.. They lick balls

My Opinion on all of this

I can't believe these people! Throwing out random numbers, "Oh the United States has killed 50000000 innocents they should die as much as the terrorists." Hmmm lets think about that. No. Take a look at other countries: the Holocaust... How many innocent Jewish Civillians died in that war? Far more than the United States has ever killed in any conflict. Then in Russia, the purge trials and Stalin's reign of terror millions of people died in both of these situations and some people think the United States is bad? I agree America has done many wrongs (Racism against Native Americans, Japanease Internment Camps, and other various horrific acts) and maybe deserves this attack against its property, but killing people is just wrong. I read these reviews about people commending the cowardly (oh yes and they were cowardly, people who attack without warning and against civillan targets are afraid of something, and giving your live for a cause is not exactly bravery either many military soldiers gave and will probably give their lives for a cause, they just believe that they will go to allah or heaven you want bravery: the people on the plane that crashed in phileadelphia or the firefighters that lost their lives when the WTC toppled) attacks and saying America deserves this horrible tradegy, I say bullshit. Any loss of life anywhere is a horrible thing! And America is one of the most peaceful nations on the Planet. Our country has sent millions upon millions of dollars to help the needy, on a whole our people are kind and good hearted. We have gone to war, but in almost every case it is to help or protect another country and the ideal of freedom. Dropping the a-bomb on Japan maybe wasn't the best choice, but would Germandy and Japan used them against us in WWII? Probably. America is a strong, and peaceful nation until attacked and then it will rage. If the terrorists dont like our retalitary responce, screw them they brought it upon themselves. 5,000 people or more died in these attacks, that is like a year of the United States Military casuatlies(spelling? I suck at spelling) in one day. Furthermore, in most wars involving the United States less than 5,000 innocents lost their lives. This attack shows the dark side of human nature that people should rightly hate, it isn't unnatural for humans to feel hate when attacked. All the nations should ban together to fight terrorism and make sure that this sort of incident never happens again and I for one would like to thank all the people around the world who pledged to help this fight against terrorism. Human beings should also remember that only select groups of corrupted humans planned these attacks not whole races if Bin Ladin did do it then dont attack Arabians or Afgans who are totally and completely unconnected with these bombings. I also wish to express all my grievences towards people affected by this attack and to thank all those involved in the rescue efforts! God Bless America! And God Bless the whole World!
p.s. these following people should not be considered as true human beings (in my opinion of course)
an gelspit

p .p.s.
There are also many NG users that dont get their facts straight and say ill comments towards movies that most of them couldn't even think about making... the fact that these people got this many movies out in such a short time shows how they feel and how hard they worked. I am not a flash producer but I know the time and effort it takes to just make a simple flash slideshow. I also want to stress that if you feel the urge to denounce my opinions remember they are opinions... even the people that type in all caps and swear every other word are just stressing their opinions, but the people i listed above need serious help. Lol I wonder if anyone read to the bottom of this. email-fatmodger@hotmail


I had goosebumps...

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