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There was this man, who called the news when this was happening.. he was on the 83rd Floor.

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Pretty cool

So the animation on this was nice and the story seems like it could be a real story of an epic movie of some sort very nice animation good flow of the characters emotions and such, and just an overall good film you have here, would love to see this one extended.

seems like it could be a real story of an epic movie of some sort


I can't give this anything less than 4.5 stars. I am simply so happy that people rushed to make tribute flashes. It really is a piece of history now. I do think this should have been longer. I'm glad so many great artists here paid tribute. Well, more of a memorial.

I am glad you put in music. There really was something going on with this. It's all coming back to me now. I can still remember what happened. I don't exactly remember this story.

The animation and the idea aren't, bad, it could just need a bit of improvement.

I think its important to remember 9/11. The day where the Nixon-Gouverment organised a putch in Chile to end the only ever demodraticly elected socialist President of the world "Allende", and to set the dictator Pinochet in Power.

9/11 1973, where 10 times more people died than in the same day in 2001.