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Loki Clocks Tragic Demise

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Short loop based off DragonBladeClock's introduction thread on StoopidClock's (now-deceased) forum. Music by PineappleClock.

Note: You might want to increase the contrast or brightness or somesuch for noticing of detail.

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What's up with this?

Whats up with your attention span man? Clock's should stick to scripted comedy, leave the randomness comedy for the sprites and such.

LokiClock responds:

Short attention span? Analyze thyself. You're the one who can't follow along to six shots of sequential dialogue. And just so you know, technically, it WAS scripted. This was made from a transcript of a forum conversation. The forum owner, StoopidClock, took me up on my offer to animate it.


That was really well done, i hate when ppl dont put enough thought into there musical choice and the quailty at which they set it so you have done really well with this, what is the song btw? The driveby short was a good watch and im glad how you didnt use excessive violence it came off quite nicely in the graphics department aswell. I would have liked if you had added voices to this though.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

LokiClock responds:

Thank you for your fantastical review. ^^

The song is PineappleClock's "Bitch Where's My Bacon? (Remix)", and you can find it by clicking the short link of his name under the author bit on the movie description.

I'd also like to note, I've actually played your flash games before... Uncanny coincidence or unsorted strangeness??? =o

I liked it

^^Good Points^^
I thought that the graphics in this were pretty decent. The brick wall had a lot of detail and the animations were clean. I liked the song, it made me laugh. I thought the storyline was kind of funny as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
I can't say that I liked the way that this looped, just because I don't like loops. Also, there isn't much of a storyline in this movie.

LokiClock responds:

Thank you. Sorry to say, but your suggestions really can't be helped... There weren't any other posts on the board it was based off of, and... well, it's a music loop. What can I say?


Clock animations suck they were probably the worst thing to happen in 2001. ecept for that one thing

LokiClock responds:

Ya i ttly ugry wit j00

Graphics okay, rest not so good.

The graphics were decent. It was a bit short and it lacked a preloader though. Voice acting would have been nice too. It wasn't so tragic so much as needed since from the few short seconds of the flash, I generally didn't like that clock thing with wings. He said pointless internet phrases and tried to act like a gangster, in the end he just came off as annoying. Try making the character mor likeable if you want it to be tragic.

LokiClock responds:

I'm not sure you fully understand the flash... it's a tongue-in-cheek humor music loop based off some forum posts. It went-a-something-a-like-a-this:

DragonBladeClock: It's a me, Dragonblade!
Loki Clock: Word up, homie D? =o
StoopidClock: SUP NIGGA!!
Loki Clock: Oshi!
Stoopid: *Performs a drive-by*

Also, StoopidClock thinks hood gangsters and the like are retarded. And the name was improvised. It's it's official third name, since the original title was "OSHIT", which would likely be passed off as spam, and it also had to fit with my theme of giving things four-letter words starting with "Loki Clock" or "Loki Clock's". However, "Loki Clock's Bacon Collective" wouldn't fit.