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Author Comments

An Alien finds himself alone in an escape pod after his spaceship blows up. The confined space causes him to become claustrophobic so he goes outside where he finds he is agoraphobic. Left with no choice he goes insane and starts hallucinating. Hope you like this clay animation.

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is it just me or...

is that ship at the start made of tin foil and fizzy drink cans?nice humour but what
happens when hes in the hole?is he sucked into space or left there for ever?but still good luck with your next 1 rick!

good job

i like the ending, i think more things should end like that. Its not a failure good job.

Nice job

I can tell that alot of work went into this. Loved it when he was sitting on the floor holding his knees! Looked like he was ready for a mental institution at this point! lol..Nice job! Keep up the good work.


very good i liked they alian and the talking raygun he was my favirite

Very nice... :D

like the guy said before me, that animation was great! really smooth, all the movements were lifelike (well, at least better than a lot of other claymations)... man, if i could, i would've given you an 11 in that category.. anywayz

really good! but the voice acting could've used a little work...

all in all, very good movie.