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Mario and AIDS (GHAD)

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NOTE: This is a Mario/sprite movie. If you have a distaste for these kinds of movies, I'd refrain from watching.

EDIT: Awesome, this made the Mario Parodies. :) Thanks budddehs.
This is for my World History class, it's a presentation project we were supposed to do. I barely finished it yesterday, but it was all glitched up. So I fixed it, and just in time to show it on Newgrounds! :) The presentation we (my project partners and I) did was on the current AIDS epidemic in Africa. Anyway, enjoy (especially the ending ^^). No, we didn't choose it ourselves, we got it out of a hat. @__@ And we got depressed when researching, so we added in 4 scenes parodying some of the stuff we got to get a bit cheered up! Yes, it seems wrong, but you'd do the same if you knew what you're going to learn! :(

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This one works.

smw mario x smw luigi in the aids song

ok im getting confused

AIDS? y they call it AIDS i dont get it. the name sounds more helpful then deadly.but 9/10 guys nice video

3 words

Funny, Sad, Educating.

Thats A good flash! I guess this is more than three words.


Hey you skipped me

shotgun shot