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What started out to be a physics demo, turned into this game wOne! Using 2D physics: Bounce, Gravity, Spin and Friction the player can bounce and spin around each level. The momentum of the Wheel carries the wheel up slopes and into places of difficulty! Using Line intersections for the collision, the Wheel is given a very precise position on each surface, even corners. This was a problem to start with, however, was overcome by using a different collision line to the one you see!

Look out for the sequel - wOne part 2.


Its kinda good...

But the wheel gets stuck all the time and then i have to restart and collect everything again.

ive played harder

nice game no glitches but to me its pretty easy i mean after playing every

Very second class game?

It woudln't kill you to put some music. I like the programming, I think the zooming in and out, and the gravity effects, are awsome. But theres no music... the game gets old fast, without sound, and lets face it, look at what the compettition is.. Johnny KICKASS Rocketfigner!!

OH come on..

it's been working fine all day, and now for some reason the game isn't running on ANY browser at all.

So..what'd ya do?

uhhhh coding error?

The game seems great but since no key or key combination appeared to actually control the wheel, I gotta give it half a blam. Great concept though, looking forward to an update.

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4.04 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
11:25 AM EDT
Skill - Collect