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What started out to be a physics demo, turned into this game wOne! Using 2D physics: Bounce, Gravity, Spin and Friction the player can bounce and spin around each level. The momentum of the Wheel carries the wheel up slopes and into places of difficulty! Using Line intersections for the collision, the Wheel is given a very precise position on each surface, even corners. This was a problem to start with, however, was overcome by using a different collision line to the one you see!

Look out for the sequel - wOne part 2.



wow! inpressive game
and addictive
not much sound though and the first 5 levels were ez, the 6th took me a bit longer
but great game though!

Very fun

This in an awesome game, very addictive. A little flimsy,. but good nonetheless.

Very nice

I HIGHLY suggest doing more with this engine. It is very precise, non-buggy, and fun. This game was good in itself, but with more focus on the game aspect now that the engine is good, maybe there could be a wOne 2? [1,2, hmmm]. But possibly there could be powerups for faster acceleration, ice levels or something with low traction, moon levels with low gravity, etc. This physics engine seems to have great versatility, so I pray you make another game with more variation.
Great Job.

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This game is very addicting.

Some sounds would have been nice.


awesome but a few ideas to work with

i really like the game but the ability to jump would really be good
maybe for a sequel u could have powerup like stick to surfaces like lifts or platforms.... have jump ability and superjump
have goals like jump thru hoops of fire.. purposely catch on fire and while on fire jump on fireworks to move a blocked area etc

just a few ideas

awesome job keep it up

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4.04 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
11:25 AM EDT
Skill - Collect