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What started out to be a physics demo, turned into this game wOne! Using 2D physics: Bounce, Gravity, Spin and Friction the player can bounce and spin around each level. The momentum of the Wheel carries the wheel up slopes and into places of difficulty! Using Line intersections for the collision, the Wheel is given a very precise position on each surface, even corners. This was a problem to start with, however, was overcome by using a different collision line to the one you see!

Look out for the sequel - wOne part 2.


Great game!

Good job man! Liked the whole idea with this!
Make some more levels, or another game similar to this!

I finished the game and was expecting a "grando finalo". But there were none... :(
Add a big final so that you feel that you've accomplished something. :)

A game with no frills and all the essentials

The title does pretty much sum up what I think of the game. The graphics were fairly simple and the sound effects were minimal, but the game benifits from it. Any background music or extra sound effects would get painfully annoying in a hurry. The physics are excellent, and I think the difficulty was spot on for a game of its length. I look forward to the sequal.
If the sequal is any longer, add an explicit save feature so you can quit and do other things without worrying if your progress will be lost.
I'd also like to see the ability to adjust the wheel's physics. Diferent types of terrain could affect friction and gravity, while changes to the weight, diameter, and air pressure of the wheel could change its mass, inertia, and spring factor. This could lead to people being able to solve levels different ways.
But for what it is, this game is a really nice piece of work. In one week you made a game better than some that took months. Excellent work.

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Good game.

It's an okay game and pretty addictive, just one bit of criticism though: make a few more levels. I've managed to unlock Nightmare 3 times and no offence, but it does get boring. But apart from that, good game.


i love this game. ill come back to it and play it if im bored just cuz its so much fun. i think there should be a save feature. i dont no if there is, cuz everytime i wanna go play the 6th level, i have to go through all the others first. otherwise. awesome game

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Took me about 30 min to beat.

Not that hard, just takes time. Getting the stars was easy, and level 6 "NIGHTMARE" was also easy. Great game.

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4.04 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
11:25 AM EDT
Skill - Collect