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Mobile Weapon Zero

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This is a RPG where you are the pilot of a Mobile Weapon (MaW). Explore the world and upgrade your MaW inorder to defeat the final boss.

Complete quests to obtain secret items that cannot be found in shops.

Next version coming out soon:
More info at http://www.mobileweapon.

1. Arrow keys movement.
2. Added 1 more battle music.
3. Slightly more powerful encounters when rank is higher.

1. Spelling Errors fixed.
2. Height bug fixed.
3. New weapon added (hidden).

1. Removed flashing effect in battle as per comments. (Reduced effect)
2. Fixed occasional chance of wrong music loading for battle when near borders of maps.
3. Option to turn off music.
4. Set quality to medium if battles lag.
5. Fixed quest bugs.
6. Edited dialogue with non-existant blade weapon.
7. Fixed name of secret armour being different.
8. Load disabled when there is no save detected.


Great but needs something

O yeah it needs to have a custimizable robot for looks and not just weapons and armor. My biggest complaint is that this game as too simple combat with just sword, gun, and escape; this would be alot better if it had much more varied comebat on both your side and the enemies side. Also the enemies are not varied enough and no enemy is difficult once your get the somewhat required equipment.


absolutly addictive couldnt get enough of it...
i must have spent like 3 hours getting my fame up to get the secret armour
2 questions:
1: why couldnt i attack the mavricks again cause i attacked bane like 20 times
2: is my saved game going to be carried over
other than thise two questions, ROCK ON LOVE UR WORK!!!

TylerProjects responds:

You can click on the "return to trailer game" button after defeating the Mavericks. In this way, you can try defeating the Mavericks again! :p

I do not think that the save will be carried over, because there will be a lot of changes in the new game. :)

Great Game

Really liked the use of the Active Time Battle System and the fame as well. The one annoying thing was there were never any battles when I wanted them and only battles when I wanted to get somewhere quickly.


if you're wondering there IS an ultimate sword.
your computer clock has to be 00:00 and you have to get to the oasis at that time. you will see a maverick there. walk up to them. clock on talk to 'midnight' you exit and talka gain. and you have the phantom claw. It's attack animation is the maverick's melee attack animation.(you become 3 and you do 3 attacks. it does about the same damage as x-slash but it's free.)

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TylerProjects responds:

Yep, Just updated the game to include the ultimate sword.

Many people requested for this, so I guess its a good idea to tweak this game a bit to include it.

Have Fun!

*Back to work on the next version*


Elite pilot A
9900 cp
rocket launcer
x blade
mithreil armor


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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
10:26 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG