Mobile Weapon Zero

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This is a RPG where you are the pilot of a Mobile Weapon (MaW). Explore the world and upgrade your MaW inorder to defeat the final boss.

Complete quests to obtain secret items that cannot be found in shops.

Next version coming out soon:
More info at http://www.mobileweapon.

1. Arrow keys movement.
2. Added 1 more battle music.
3. Slightly more powerful encounters when rank is higher.

1. Spelling Errors fixed.
2. Height bug fixed.
3. New weapon added (hidden).

1. Removed flashing effect in battle as per comments. (Reduced effect)
2. Fixed occasional chance of wrong music loading for battle when near borders of maps.
3. Option to turn off music.
4. Set quality to medium if battles lag.
5. Fixed quest bugs.
6. Edited dialogue with non-existant blade weapon.
7. Fixed name of secret armour being different.
8. Load disabled when there is no save detected.


you made a tile based rpg to be so much fun!

this was a really fun game. from the first maw i killed, to the last boss of the trailer, it had balanced enemies,good music interactivity,good money system, etc... the only problem is, the swords were not tuned to the gun system, so they were like more of a trophy to be carried around.
other then that, 10/10 good job!

TylerProjects responds:

Melee attacks recharges faster but deals less damage. A good strategy is to wear down the enemies with melee weappons and finish them off with the more damaging but slower ranged guns. ;p

why have a sword when the gun is much better

i love the grapicks very nice in my top 5 overall,but the swords -even the strongest in game- suck at usefullness i mean 100 dm average on the 'BEST'sword avaleble????

i like the guns and armors and the ultimate versoins are neat too.

i feel kinda like a god fighting the end boss and killing him whith over 2000 hp left

lol only died less than 5 times :P

verry nice game but a tad to eazy but i like that tho
"beter to eazy than to hard"

TylerProjects responds:

Melee attacks recharges faster than ranged attack. ;p


Please have custom option for the next game.

good game

it's a great game, i can't wait till the real thing

ps. the zero's mean that i didn't rate it

Not a bad game at all

I love mech games, and this one is no exception. I had great fun playing this although the music got a tad annoying and the graphics were little more than functional. Nice job though, hope to see a sequel sometime soon.

TylerProjects responds:

Hmm.. I was trying to keep the overall filesize small. And because the graphics were already heavy, I had to make do with fewer music tracks. :(

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4.05 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
10:26 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG