Mobile Weapon Zero

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This is a RPG where you are the pilot of a Mobile Weapon (MaW). Explore the world and upgrade your MaW inorder to defeat the final boss.

Complete quests to obtain secret items that cannot be found in shops.

Next version coming out soon:
More info at http://www.mobileweapon.

1. Arrow keys movement.
2. Added 1 more battle music.
3. Slightly more powerful encounters when rank is higher.

1. Spelling Errors fixed.
2. Height bug fixed.
3. New weapon added (hidden).

1. Removed flashing effect in battle as per comments. (Reduced effect)
2. Fixed occasional chance of wrong music loading for battle when near borders of maps.
3. Option to turn off music.
4. Set quality to medium if battles lag.
5. Fixed quest bugs.
6. Edited dialogue with non-existant blade weapon.
7. Fixed name of secret armour being different.
8. Load disabled when there is no save detected.


All in all, fun

I found it to be a very fun game, the idea of training to get the best armor made me stay, i invested thousands into buying rounds to up my fame. i wish it was easier to gte the shadow Claw, im gonna try waiting to midnight tonight

1 problem...

is that you sohuld be allowed to have the best wep in the game when you beat that final boss...then after that and you get the 300 fame to get the best armor and you get the meteor shower wep and atleast 5k hp then you should be able to teleport off world to the moon and the guys there are atleast 1k hp or better.and then the boss on there has atleast 6k hp.after that you need the best weps from the moon and atleast 10k hp to teleport to the galaxy part the weakest there can be on that part of the game should be atleast 8k hp.and the boss there has 30k hp.after you get best weps in the galaxy and atleast 50k hp you can teleport to the universal part.the weakest there is 25k hp.and the best has 100k hp(boss).after that if you got the best weps from there(sword does 1k-2k dmg(and the ranged does atleast 5k dmg per shot))then you can teleport to nothingness where you fight god and satan.satan will haver 500k hp and god has 1mil hp.and another suggestion:
1:every 100+ hp you get adds a lvl up point that you can put melee strength(+5 max dmg and +5 min dmg aka the min dmg is 5 less so old dmg could be about 50 and max 75 1 pt on that is 55 min and 80 max))
2:up pts can be spent on defence(each 1 defence adds -5 dmg taken)
3:ranged dmg(adds +10 min and +!0 max dmg)
4:endurance would add...well say your dmg is like 100-300 every 1 endurence increases min dmg by 5 but doesn't increase the max damage.
5:accuracy.this helps hit chance by +1% and lowers your chance of being hit by 1% as well.
6:speed decreases time to use something.
please add all that in so then atleast the game is a huge challenge.and ik good RPG games and all that since i play a ton of them.trust me do all this and everyone will wanna play this game and all your other games you made that involve's mobile weapon or is related to it that you made.

Not bad

It's a decent timewaster

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Whoa nice game

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what's the final boss music from?

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4.05 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
10:26 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG