Warp Forest

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I started to make this game before Orbox B. But I was so depressed so I made it by very little steps. Last month I felt much better and decided to finish this one.
Working with Orbox B levels design gave me big experience with levels design. So I rebuilded most of the levels in this game. I even created level editor so it could be easy to change level. I want to make level editor for my users. This game has just a several elements but with the dinamic it gives very different puzzles. However I will add one or two new elements in level editor in future. This game is great work of my. I tested it three days and people reported me many spelling mistakes and some bugs. So I correct all this stuff before submit it here. Thanks to Newgrounds for sponsorship. Thanks to Flashkit community for helping me with spelling and reporting bugs and some improvement suggestions.


amazing! Addictive! and fun

Great intense music. Amazing graphics and terrific gameplay. I've finally cleared your game after 3 days of playing hahaha :-D I was so addicted. This game is good enough for Gameboy. If i was in the store and saw "Warp Forest" i'd jump on it. You should make it for gameboy with 90 levels and get rich :-D

GameBalance responds:

I wish that huh. I live in Russia u know here is hard to find such a contacts.


i love this game


This is a pretty cool puzzle game, not similar to any I remember playing really. A great one for all you logic fans.

Fun! and frustrating!

but fun! even though it is time consuming if you're stuck. I went about level 13 completely different from the previous walkthrough, so I guess that means there are different ways to get about some levels (like 29... that's just an evil level, it's like, pure luck!)

Anyway, for Level 19, grab the bottom shield without getting hit.
Go to the left of the clearing, lure one shot from the bottom eye tree, then rush foward, only to pull back as soon as you lure the top eye tree to shoot. Once it shoots, pull back, reflect the bottom shot, and rush foward. When that's done, you should be safely through having hit the bottom eye tree once. run the gauntlet down the two gates grabbing the key. Get the two charges, and burn that bottom eye tree. Now get to the right section. grab the shield, go back up, grab the key, head back down, and exit.

For 21. before you grab the three orbs, shoot the tree that gets hit so it drops the charge on your side. kill the top tree, and get the charge quickly. get the power ups, open the key, and lure shots to kill the bottom monster. Use all the power ups to kill all the monsters, grab the key, and go.

That should get people over the humps, enjoy the last few levels, frustrating is an understatement! oh, and a hint for 27, you can only use two shields for the three rows of monsters. Enjoy!

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A Masterpiece

What can I say about this game ? I liked the graphics and loved the animation (especially the ending animation when you complete a level) and it was full of ideas. I had to think in each of the levels before completing them and I didn't finish it yet but there seems to be enough levels to keep me busy for a while.

Good job !

GameBalance responds:

Some later levels should give you intresting chalange.

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3.92 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
7:44 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other