Warp Forest

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I started to make this game before Orbox B. But I was so depressed so I made it by very little steps. Last month I felt much better and decided to finish this one.
Working with Orbox B levels design gave me big experience with levels design. So I rebuilded most of the levels in this game. I even created level editor so it could be easy to change level. I want to make level editor for my users. This game has just a several elements but with the dinamic it gives very different puzzles. However I will add one or two new elements in level editor in future. This game is great work of my. I tested it three days and people reported me many spelling mistakes and some bugs. So I correct all this stuff before submit it here. Thanks to Newgrounds for sponsorship. Thanks to Flashkit community for helping me with spelling and reporting bugs and some improvement suggestions.



this is a weird game. yet somehow it remains entertaining.


good game. I first checked it out cuz it looked kinda dum, but it wuz really good! I think the next step up would be 3-d and power ups, and stuff like dat... anyway good job keep up ze good work!!

btw wut is ur site called?

The ultimate test of reflexes, brainpower,accuracy

...And keyboarding skills.

The best game ever. Goin' on my favorites. I did get stuck a few times, but your site helped me through. The controls were a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it's almost your second nature.

Agh. I loved this game. I played it for hours on end. Unimaginably fun. Smooth gameplay, great graphics, and, hey, even the needed maneating, giant monsters. This was one of those addicting games that never got boring; never made me angry and want to quit. Easy sollutions in some levels, extremely challenging in others. I highly suggest it to all.

Great job. Make another, or one similar. :D
[Oh, and for those who get stuck, remember that there is a walkthrough on the author's homepage.]


i keep getting stuck on the first gate in level 5. the car moves too slow through it and it gets blasted... how do i get past it?

Very funny

It´s a very entertaining game, i like it a lot =).
only could get to lvl 12 =(

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3.92 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
7:44 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other