Warp Forest

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I started to make this game before Orbox B. But I was so depressed so I made it by very little steps. Last month I felt much better and decided to finish this one.
Working with Orbox B levels design gave me big experience with levels design. So I rebuilded most of the levels in this game. I even created level editor so it could be easy to change level. I want to make level editor for my users. This game has just a several elements but with the dinamic it gives very different puzzles. However I will add one or two new elements in level editor in future. This game is great work of my. I tested it three days and people reported me many spelling mistakes and some bugs. So I correct all this stuff before submit it here. Thanks to Newgrounds for sponsorship. Thanks to Flashkit community for helping me with spelling and reporting bugs and some improvement suggestions.



The whole concept of the game isnt all that bad but there are a few things you could do to make the rest of the game better. Not bad though.

nice game

that was a very nice and interesting game you have here. some nice graphics, good gameplay and a neat idea to it. the audio in this one was pretty cool too and it was a pretty good time killer. the best thing about this one was it had an original and a pretty good challenge to it.

overall, it was a very fun game, i enjoyed this one and glad to see it win an award too.

great game, you have to use your brain AND fingers

I love this game! I'm generally terrible at games, but this was one I could do and it was still really challenging. The puzzles require really good logic skills. Sometimes the timing with the keys is tricky, but you're not completely disqualified from playing if you're a bit clumsy like me.

I rated the graphics fairly high because they are very clear and uncluttered, rather than low for being old-style. You could always tell what was going on. Same with the sound; it gave just the right feedback without throwing in confusing effects. Humor and violence, I didn't know what to say; they don't really apply.

I agree with the other folks that Arseniy should add levels and sell this commercially. It's addictive; I can see plenty of people playing this on handhelds, or at their desks with the sound turned down (like Tetris, back when).

Folks who can't get past the first few levels must not be reading the instructions very closely. Like I said, I'm awful at video games, but I got to level 12 before I got stuck. It turned out my fingers were too slow, as usual. So read some of the other comments here before you give it a bad review, eh?

GameBalance responds:

Oh. I dont know how.

Odd game indeed.

The art reminded me of a old Game Boy game, which isn't bad at all. It's no YuYu, but the graphics are still nice.

This was one of the strangest gameplay experences Ive ever had. It combines many gaming genres for one enjoyable game. The controls were set at good buttons.

Overall- so-so graphics and a strange yet good gameplay.


Nice game.
I couldn't pass level 4 (lol, noob plz)

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3.92 / 5.00

May 22, 2006
7:44 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other