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Ultimate Pong!!!

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Author Comments

A couple of weeks ago i realised that pong has been around for over 20 years, it inspired me to make a flash movie.
Please watch the whole flash movie before voting, even the extra credits! Thank You. Enjoy!

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Uh, hi there. My name is Calvin. How are you?

Yeah bro. I'm the Calvin Berry that Doveshi was talkin 'bout. So... (awkward). Though it is nice to see it put up in a more visited site than what I put it on, I have to say the slight changes you made were wierd. Like why the blue background? keep it true, bromelina. Otherwise stuff like the mario at the end doesn's end, and there are white dashes above the shoes. Plus, why make the gun bigger? Now it looks like the bullet shoots from the handle. It's confusing to los viewers mia compadre. I'm not saying I'm great at this, cause I only made one movie (this one), learned how to do it as I went (via flahkit.com, who said), and stopped when my free-trial expired, cause I'm cheap. However, if you put the other stuff back to normal, (and hey-- maybe throw me a bone in the credits I made, if you want to), this just might be... the GREATEST FLASH MOVIE EVER. Oh and thanks edgythedong, the grenade was my favorite part too. Oh wait, I did like that you put a head on the spear, cause it was confusing to my sister, she thought the pongman was pooping. And I'm excited to see the game you plan on basing off it. maybe I could help (that's a big JK, you got this one). So thanks, Doveshi, for gettin my back on this, I owe you one; iVisual, what can I say, I'm charmed; hey everyone, you can click on the bell, the awkward brick, and for a split second the spear, so give it a shot. Calvin Berry, out. (you can check out the original at flashkit, or by googling the phrase "Calvin Berry Ultimate Pong Flashkit". Awesome. It was nice visiting.


the good:
i thought this was quite original, but when I read other reviews to this flash, saying that you plagiarized this... oh well. i still think it's original.

the bad:
the animations seemed a bit bland. and i really don't know why the mario-theme was playing in the end...

the ugly:
well, try to improve on your animation-skills. other than that i can't think of anything else that you should improve on.


Here's something that strikes me as odd. If you go to Flashkit and
then /movies/Animations/Cartoons/Ultimate-Calvin_B-11280/, it shows a Flash almost completely identical to yours. But this one was posted in mid-March, and yours was posted in late May. That one also says it's a first cartoon and by contrast you have made four other flashes. There would be no point to lie on that, so this has led me to believe you might have plagerized this cartoon. I can't 100% prove this nor do I want to so if you have proof otherwise then that'd be great.

Now, when, or if to some, you DO prove that this is your movie, here is where the criticsim of the actual Flash film comes.

Since the artwork is simple, I think that there should have been much more fighting and overall longetivity. Also, add music. The SFX-only thing kind of made it boring. Try putting more secrets in
there as well, and don't make them as fast as the bell thing. In a nutshell, just add more of everything, and it should get more positive reviews (moreso then now anyway).

You found something worse than stick fighting!

Were you at all aware that someone already did a pong tribute that looks about 50 times better than yours about 5 years ago? I went in to this expecting, or at least hoping for something on par or better than that, and this just sucked. It was remarkably boring, the animation was terrible, and the pong/mario combo? wtf dude? At the very least, you could have picked some games that were a little closer together in video game history.

iVisual responds:

well i didnt know somebody had already done it, now you can shut up because i dont see any flash by you in the portal.

LOL it was a good twist on pong LOL

the animation could be better. the old school mario sounds give it the rusty pong feel ... its good.

hope you make round 2!

iVisual responds:


Credits & Info

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May 22, 2006
1:01 AM EDT