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i did it long time ago and never showed it to anyone. its a bit different to what u guys have seen of my work..hope u like it,,...and hope to see feedback to b better and better ..thnx


Takes a bit to get used to

At first I thought this was just a random fight without voices - until I realized it is. That is not the point. This is a glimpse into a certain type of art. Although some of the characters were drawn mildly crudely, the animation was quite good. I really liked the floating leaves - they probably added a few points to my review.
I found it odd but good to have Handel in the middle of a fight. This seemed like some asian art films - although there is fighting going on, almost the only thing, the emphasis is on the interactions of color and movement. Sorry to sound artsy-fartsy, but I can;t thin,, of a better way to explain my thoughts about this seemingly pointless flash.
Nice job, perhaps a bit more detail in the hooded guy. I would gladly watch more of your work if took place in this forest.


I really liked the music, the colors you used for the woods, and the story itself. Just work on your drawings a bit more, instead of twinning what you already made.
Hey you left the full lenght of the aria after the end, I´m listening to it now, thanks!

Great movie,but...

Its a great movie,but....it's will better with sound, and more music.But it's still alway a great movie ^^


I loved the trees m8. Best trees in a flash movie ever. that little blue guy was also cool. Though i didnt like the storyline(two wizards showing off), i like the style.

Needs work

You know what, that wasn't bad, I like your style, But the music drove me to the point were i almost closed out of the animation before i finished it. Keep Animating, and work on smoothness.

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3.79 / 5.00

May 21, 2006
7:34 PM EDT