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i did it long time ago and never showed it to anyone. its a bit different to what u guys have seen of my work..hope u like it,,...and hope to see feedback to b better and better ..thnx


not bad

like the commet said before me : you need to work smothness but thats not what bothered me, it was the annoying opra music...(another stupid thing when a creatures loves a human girl...bla bla bla...crap thats so ***** so much that i want to kill them all....like in fable(this has almost nothing to do with my commet about your flash))

Very good.

The graphics were very clean. The music gave a nice feel. As for the sound in total (this is a picky comment), it would have been nicer to have had sound effects. I can tell you put effort into it, and that's what makes a good flash. Good Job.

Loved it

Fantastic movie. The choice of music, Handel, set a great mood for the piece. The backgrounds were drawn very well and I didn't see a lot of repetitiveness, which tends to annoy me when I see trees and such drawn. The basic story to the flash was presented quite well, although I didn't understand why the little blue guy fell for the little girl, and ran off.

Whatever, I didn't have to understand every little aspect to enjoy it. Great job.


That was how a flash should be, the graphics wern't perfect, but the sound was nice and the style was genuine.

I liked it

I disagree with those who thought it needed sound. I think what made it so great is that it wasn't filled with sound effects like every other movie out there. Sounds would have totally changed the feel of the animation and made it more "common." It was the strength of the music that gave it that special touch.

Good job.

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3.79 / 5.00

May 21, 2006
7:34 PM EDT