Jack in the Box ep. 1

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I changed the song.

Hey guys! This is my new movie very different from my other sprite movies. This was inspired by "Another Day". If it is well recieved, I'll do another episode!It took me about a week of really hard work to finish it. I got the idea from a cartoon I made when I was a kid on some post-it notes ^__^. I hope you guys like it!



I liked this, it was short and simple. The only thing i would really complain about is the wobbly effect you used cause after a bit of watching i got a tad dizzy.

LilDwarf responds:

I knew I made this thing TOO wobbly @___@ Thanks for the review!

Not much substance...

Didn't like this much.

Keep practicing. You're good.

LilDwarf responds:

thanks....I guess

E for Effort..

if you decide to do more of these, listen to Deadgunna. It will only enhance your movie. I didn't quite get why he was being bombed. What would be neat to see is the jack in the box opening up as the preloader bar. So when it first starts to load, the box is closed. But when it is finished loading, the box is open and jack is out. A little trickier then your standard preloader bar, but much cooler.

LilDwarf responds:

I don't think I'm gonna make another one. :/ Thanks for your comment though. That idea for the preloader is pretty cool and i'll consider it for my next movie.


All of the moving lines began to give me a headache. The bubble with Jack's emotions was the best part (especially the one wih the victory sign).
Good song pick also.

Try and include some kind of motive or reason for the events in your submission next time. Why was he being bombed on? He's a stupid toy.

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks! I don't think I'm gonna make another one. I'll stick to sprite movies since people like mine better.


The animation was kind of skechy, the sound didn't fit the theme of the flash either. The violence was kinda weird, and didn't give any laughs. The only reason I gave you a 5 is because it could have been worse.

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2.93 / 5.00

May 21, 2006
5:06 PM EDT