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We are America 9-11-2001

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Sep 12, 2001 | 11:21 PM EDT

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  • 911
    911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.

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------Update: 2 years later
It's been a year now since I posted this, and the positive response I have recieved from it has been overwhelming. It's important now, to remember everything that we are grateful for and hopefully learn to live our lives to their fullest extent.

God bless you all, god bless America.

PLEASE CALL 1800 GIVELIFE AND DONATE BLOOD TODAY. This is my first flash on here, I'm pretty new to it(hence no loader and large file size), however to me, that doesn't matter because whats going on right now is more important and needs to be dealt with. I hope you enjoy it.

The song is "Ressikan Flute Solo" by Jerry Goldsmith. Apparently it's from an episode of Star Trek.



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I still don't get how somebody could do that.

sad. so sad.


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So many people are making these things,It's good to see that america cares.



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U guys are crazy bastards

even tho u guys r crazy bastards i am going to give this and all 911 things a 10/10, but if it had happened to be a few 1000 Canadians, no 1 would really care!!

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I know the author and have seen this before, then like now I thought it was a powerful tribute especially considering Terry isn't one to show emotion. I also wanted to rebut the insipid tiny morons who live in a fantasy world about the dropping of the A-Bombs on Japan. Here's a more factual representation of how those events transpired. December 7th 1941 the first of 2 days that will live in infamy, the Japanese navy attacks the U.S pacific fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor, without warning or former declaration of war (terrorist attack) the Japanese navy wipes out almost 90% of our naval ability in the pacific, the goal of which is to solidify their stanglehold as well as their mass rape of resources and vile human rights atrocities on the asian world from China to the Philipines with a secondary objective to open up the American west coast to further attack if they get involved in either Europe or Asia. After beating the Japanese back to their homeland Truman was confronted with the declaration from Japan that as a nation they would fight to the last man, woman and child to repel any invading army. Truman decided, correctly in my opinion, that it was pointles to shed one more drop of American blood in our effort to end the war with Japan, one which they started in a dishonorable and cowardly fashion (much like Osama)so he dropped 2 bombs killing more than 200,000 people from a country that had over the course of the previous 6 years had killed many hundreds of times as many, I've read estimates of over 15 million throughout Asia. Japan is lucky that Truman was so thoughtful in the way that he spent weeks warning the Japanese citizens of what was comming if they did not unconditionally surrender the war that they started. They were told the day, the city and what the A-Bombs would do to Hiroshima but still they blustered we will fight to the last Japanese to repel any invader, well two A-Bombs later they learned what the cost of their actions over the previous 6 years was, 200,000 dead japanese, and they did unconditionally surrender. The second infamy that was perpetrated on 9/11 will have the same outcome, no longer will the U.S sit on its hands while uneducated radical extremists who have perverted their own religeous doctrines to allow themselves to perpetrate these kinds of cowardly acts, we will defend our country and we will make the world a safe place to live, the cost, same as it was for the Japanese, will be up to the perpetrators, but those responsable are as we speak hiding like the animals they are and running for their lives. I'm personally proud of President Bush and sleep well at night knowing that our insignificant enemies will soon be no more. So rant your tainted little rants, but the fact is terrorists are no more significant to this country than mosquetoes are to a person and bugs are just that bugs. So continue to talk tough and pretend to be justified but when its all said and done terrorist, mujahadin or holy warrior at the end of this fight they are going to be only so much decaying flesh wondering where their reward for killing innocents was?

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popesmoker responds:

Thanks gold.


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Great movie...

Even after a year, America still stands strong and will remain that way...united as one. The lives of all the people will not go in vein. Crumsnatcher youre an idiot. What exactly did you gain from going on EVERY SINGLE WTC rememberance movie and giving it a zero? If it was supposed to be funny, it wasnt. This just shows that you, are a jackass.