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God & The Scientists

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Before you watch this movie, remember the very essence of
man is made of dust, and in this case, dirt... have fun :)

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funny as hell

lol thinkin they could outsmart god

it was great

I love it. I also love how many atheists are yelling NO GOD IS DEAD GET UR FUCKIN CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT OUT OF NEWGROUNDS, and then talking about how CHRISTIANS are the violent ones. I'm not against science, nor am I against religion. Science gives us cures and vaccines and technology, wherease religion gives us something that most of us need in this day and age : hope. Now this flash isn't extensively bashing scientists. I see it more as a movie showing us where we've come from and why we can't just one day decide to up and leave behind everything we went through because some new guy comes along and says a few big words. With all the atheist and christian bashing going on, it makes it hard to tell who's right and who's wrong. Or maybe it's that both sides are wrong on some points. Although the whole crusade thing wasn't about killing sinners. It was a bunch of greedy kings who wanted to become richer so they decided to steal the riches in other lands in the name of God.

In the end, I'm glad you made this flash. It was a original. You don't see many religion based flashes anymore, and its refreshing. Thank you for this.


It made me laugh, but, to be honest, I hate the idea that religion made people wasting their lives.

get your own dirt!

ok. from a totaly none religious point of view. that was just funny. i gotta say i opened this expecting it to be a knock on God and Christians but that was funny stuff.
animation was simple and got the job done so no need to even touch that subject any further.

if you were thinking about making more...that'd be great. going on the favs list.

That'll teach them atheists not to mess wif us..=P

Nice and short animation, clean humour too. Despite the length I can see that you have pretty good tweening with the scientists' actions. Anywho, its a 10! And it is good!

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4.05 / 5.00

May 21, 2006
12:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original