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God & The Scientists

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Before you watch this movie, remember the very essence of
man is made of dust, and in this case, dirt... have fun :)

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This is pretty hilarious and does have a great punchline in the end, it does have a great message. Although I freely admit I'm not that religious and do look to science, I also believe in God and feel that He indeed exists because if the universe indeed arose out of nothingness (e.g., no matter, energy, weak force, strong force, gravity, electromagnetism, quantum strings, etc., and not even any space/void/vacuum for anything to move around in), I feel that something had to create it all (space included) rather than it literally appearing out of nowhere, thus why the punchline in this video is so hilarious. Unlike God, the scientists who feel that they don't need Him are not able to create dirt (nor anything else really) under their power and thus cannot create a man; they need some preexisting material that was created by God in order to do so but that would go against the bet, thus God wins by default. Great job!

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May 21, 2006
12:40 AM EDT