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RassiHolio - Beavis Spoof

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Before anyone watches, this is a 3D animated video, not vector based flash...

Found this while rummaging through the files I pulled off my old college workstation, a little animation I did to both practice 3D lipsyncing and generally make fun of an old instructor everyone at the school freaking HATED... The model is kinda cheap and cartoony for two reasons, it's one of my earlier experiments with Maya, and Rassi didnt deserve a good model made of him anyway...

Anyway there you have it, if you werent at my school you probably wont get the joke.. But I hope you find it entertaining anyway.



nice work dude this is going on my favorites ^^

Come out with your pants down!!


...bevis...bunghole...i cant put in words how much this ruled u got my vote to protect this=)

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all hail bungholio

SAvior of the TP.

I'm happy & I'm angry...

Hey beavis... don't make me kick you square in the nadz!! Uh huhhuhuh! That rulez!! God... that makes me feel like a teenager again! Dude, don't make me get all nostalgic... 'Cuz I'm old, and have old ballz!!


thats a pritty good idea of doing beavis voice overs like that but you should try doing whoever that guy is or somthing like that (beavis or "bung-holyoh") to go on some wacky adventure

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2.86 / 5.00

May 21, 2006
12:24 AM EDT
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