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Men From Up The Stairs

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A short story about those men that come from upstairs.


Woah... Ok...

Okay, WTF? Hold on, let me watch it again.

Okay then, I get it now. But there are a few parts that are still a bit hazy. The cigarette for example, maybe that's supposed to help, but I've never heard of that before.

Anyway, like the last person said, once I got it, it was hilarious.

G: Same graphics I've come to expect from you, not the best, but you use them really well.

St: Such a new and different idea deserves a 10, if not more.

So: Good sound with subtle backgrounds music as well. Nice.

V: Well, the main character did do a fair amount of pushing, which could have ended violently, I suppose.

I: Several relavent links at the end.

H: It speaks for itself, very subtle take on an often too bluntly mumorized topic. All 10's mate.

I do believe I sahll watch this again, excuse me.

It's like your best friend, in animation form.

Another refreshing glimpse into the unbalanced mind of the same man who brought you Salad Fingers and The Spoilsbury Toast Boy. Will we see some further elaboration on this new and strange universe? I hope not, that'd rather spoil it. You'd better be listening, Firthy!

In any case, another quality find by me. And the guy who made it deserves some of the kudos as well. *kudoses*

Brilliant Metaphor

I always love Mr. Firth's work, and I enjoy it whenever it comes. This one is no exception. The movements are fluid and the voicework, as usual, is superb. The graphics, while not the best seen on Flash, are simple and clear. The message of this work is a wonderful one, too. Yet there is something missing from this work which I cannot quite place my finger on. I'm glad to see Mr. Firth breaking out of the mold of "the guy who makes creepy movies," although I would never willingly trade my beloved Salad Fingers for this sort of thought-provoking yet sublty unsatisfying short film.

Dear lord...

Quite possibly the most disturbing thing that I have ever seen. May the magic continue David Firth...


You're freakin nuts mr.firth, I really tryed to understand that as much as possible. I guess you really can't understand unless you're inside your own head. ? Good flash though, interesting

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4.33 / 5.00

May 20, 2006
8:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Original