Men From Up The Stairs

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A short story about those men that come from upstairs.


I get it now!!!

Hello you sexy beast david. Thank you for this wonderful animation about shite, but it wasnt shite. I didnt get it at first cos i thought u were being a weirdo, but my sexy girlfriend Katherine Murphy got it and tolded me. She is famouse now!!!!!!

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Great video It didn't amke any sense at all until I ralized it was a metaphor for constipation very cool.

420th REVIEW W00T

This is Very Funny and Brilliant!

I was planning to watch this again to understand it, but instead I read from the reviews. Then I watched it again and actually understood.
For those that did not understand:

The Man who came down the stairs resembled poop. Note: You can tell from his hair and his tie. Now, another thing you notice is when the man with the black hair says: " I have a healthy diet. " Another thing is that when the man who resembled poop exhaled out of the door. That was to resemble a fart. You can note this by when the man with the black hair says: " Did you have to embarrass me like that? " Now the old man who calls the Black Haired Gentleman was to resemble his brain, who tells him to smoke. The Black Haired man decides to, and of course smoking I guess would make your poop come out faster. So once he smoked, the poop said: " Oh, smoking, that will make me go right out! " So he jumps out, and yeah hear a splash when he reaches the bottom. The splash was to resemble a toliet. Now when the man with the black suit with almonds resembles basically what the Black Haired man ate, probably a chocolate bar with almonds, and so he says " No you stay back up there, Im closing the door. " In which he means that he his closing his anus. The black suited almond man says " You can't do that! You'll Die! " And of course the black haired man died, because he did not let his waste come out. He died from his own waste, which is poop.

Bottom Line: My guess would be that to either allow your waste to come out, or just eat healthy.

Anyways this was very brillian and very well done.

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Uh.. Dude?

Is this flash about shitting?

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i love the symbolism...

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May 20, 2006
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