Men From Up The Stairs

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A short story about those men that come from upstairs.


Good Joke

I didn't realize the meaning of this clip was so simple. I had to read other reviews and then watch it again to get it. Very funny. It makes me wonder, however, are the meanings of most of your other movies this simple? I guess I didn't get this one because I'm used to taking in so much from your other movies, and I feel like most of them are complicated. Anyway, good work as usual. No complaints here. Keep doing what you do.


This took 2 views, but its simply brilliant, the joke is very well hidden... Oh metaphors, for those of you who don't understand think diet and exercise? Splashes of water and nuts? there are so many hints but i don't want to give it away... You will get it eventually.

BRILLIANT! as usual.

okay so anybody that doesn't get it is either too innocent and naive, or justa dumbass. Ummm, hilarious. But not as funny as some of your other works. And somewhat more blatant, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. ANYWHO, HUGE FAN, LOVE YOUR WORK, WANT MORE.

omg hilarious

at first i was like wtf... but then at end i suddenly got it and burst into laughter i sorta feel bad for the people who wont get it and i hope none of the reviews tip the people who dont under stand off nice job keep it up

I need subtitles!

Sound isnt clear and i need subtitles to understand the humor.

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4.33 / 5.00

May 20, 2006
8:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Original