Men From Up The Stairs

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A short story about those men that come from upstairs.



Was the door at the top of the stairs his mouth? Or just the door from his intestines or stomach or something? I didn't get it at first either, because I wasn't really expecting all that symbolism. I wasn't sure what to make of it... But now that I realize it was about constipation, I sort of think it was amusing... Well... It was better than the last Burnt Face Man and the last Salad Fingers too...


it wasnt as good as some of your other art andit could be better. other than that good video.

Very clever.

After reading some reviews I got a grasp about what the real message was, I just thought after watching it the first time that David has finally lost the plot

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David, this is your fan-girl.

David. I am your fan-girl, I have made you some pate. I want to lick you out! :D Only joking. But I am a fan of yours. This cartoon made me laugh, as always. I love the way you edited the guy's voice when he said; "I'm going to hide behind the seatee!" to make it seem like he was actually moving away from the camera, screen, etc. The jokes are fantastic, the acting is wonderful; but this cartoon scares me about what workplaces are going to be like when I descend into adulthood and have to fend for myself financially.

I do not do drugs.

I get it now!!!

Hello you sexy beast david. Thank you for this wonderful animation about shite, but it wasnt shite. I didnt get it at first cos i thought u were being a weirdo, but my sexy girlfriend Katherine Murphy got it and tolded me. She is famouse now!!!!!!

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May 20, 2006
8:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Original