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Author Comments

Ambition is the human drive. To get anything accomplished, a man must have the ambition to do so. Sometimes you have to do something crazy.

Our hero sits in his chair rather silently, the deep engine sound in the background illustrates the slow, dull meaningless of his existence. He covers up the red spot on his head, representing a quality... one that is not useful to him in his current position. He then does something that would appear rather ambitious, or in fact, insane, and jumps out the window, tumbling toward what seems to be an unpleasant death. However, upon releasing his cover of the quality, it is allowed to show itself, and ultimately save him. Ironically, pulling him out at the very last second... only seems to bring him back to where he started. This is the mad cycle of Ambition. Enjoy.

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Very artsy

I was impressed at how this really worked hard to tell a story of human emotions. At first I thought that was something signifying the guy was about to be sniped, but then I realized it was a pimple that turned into a balloon. While there wasn't that much detail, you were still able to work with what you had. The best part in the animation was probably when he was falling down. The white buildings are a good example of a fine use of shadow. It does make me wonder, how high are those buildings if this goes on forever?

Cool flash

This was one crazy flash you made here,the animation didn't look outstanding but good and i got a kick out of when the guy ripped open his head and it turned into a balloon,overall i enjoyed this flash very much.


omg so gross


Maybe I'm just in a good mood, but I think this deserves a ten too.


I really liked how the buildings looked like people. I especially loved how this loop repeated itself. Your author comments say it well; i'm glad you gave me your interpritation.


Holy crap

The animation itself is good, but what really stands out to me is that you have the balls to explain each bit of your symbolism. So many "artists" wimp out and refuse to do that, or worse, can't do it because they have no clue what the fuck they're trying to accomplish. Of course, my interpretation was totally different, and I prefer my interpretation, but still, knowing what the artist actually intended is a real treat. If only more would follow in your footsteps....