Crimson Skies Episode 1

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!EDIT!: I've been told that the text boxes go a bit too fast, so I'll try to sort that out for the next episode and yes I know it's a bit short I kinda ran out of ideas for that episode so don't blam me! xD But other than that thanks for the great and helpful comments folks :D - Chansen

Well here it is as I said on my brother's account.....

CRIMSON SKIES - Search for Wind

This is the first episode of Crimson Skies it is a hopeful HUGE series and I'd like to add that this is my SECOND flash attempt ever my first was Random Training....Well enjoy and if you find any problems or bugs just tell me and I'll have a look at em... - Chansen



The Text was to fast to read so if it gets blammed make the text slower and resubmit it.

s`alright... kinda

The text is kind fast, and you could make the movement a little smoother (higher frame rate, slower sprite animations). Plus, it is pretty short. If you made the ep. just a little bit longer, with more content I probably would have given a better score.

The text goes too fast.

But everything else is perfik!

Need's Work

That was horible you can't make the text go so fast some people can't even read it if you fixed the mistakes this might be worth watching :(

Good :)

Nice to watch, good work put in, I like the idea of the Final Fantasy 7 battle music, good characters, but the text boxes went too fast, couldn't read some of them fully. Apart form that small thing, great work hoping to see more :)

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2.46 / 5.00

May 20, 2006
6:29 AM EDT
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