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A day with a cactus part1

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Author Comments

The graphics aren't the best, the flash is based on pure humor. I kept blowing into the mic and I don't know how to really stop that, so it might sound a little shakey. It's 6 minutes long, so watch the whole thing before you vote. For some reason, the Cheney thing doesn't line up. Please review.

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You know that the swastika (nazi symbol) is a symbol of peace right? Also, I only gave you a 4 instead of ZERO because I love cacti... Yes, I'm a gardener. Also, I laughed 2 and a half times. Otherwise, this is authentic NG garbage.

Great humor


Amazingly great humor. It has all the things there is yo make fun of. Like wallmart and crippled people. A great story to. I was not lost in any of the parts.


Horible graphics. But the humor makes up for it. Also the sound quality wasnt the best it could be but it almost is funny when theres a lot of blowing into the microphone.


You could improve the backgrounds and the sound quality.

Good Humor.

I don't think you should hate on Tankmen. It's a good flash, as is YuYu and everything else by Adam Phillips, but Tankmen has earned it's place as no.1.

But that's a side note.

I think this flash and your others would score seriously higher if you could do the graphics better. The voices are good, and there is some good humor there. It seemed to drag on just a tad though.

kingofthecactus responds:

I know my graphics suck... But I'm trying to get better, I just don't know how everybody draws so good!

P.s. I don't really hate Tankman, don't like it the best either. I was just drunk when I wrote the review.
(Maybe I am now, who knows?)

less funny then AIDS....

i love how you talk shit about the humor in tankmen, and then come up with a piece of shit flash that has less humor in it then september 11th. everyone who rated this high, i beg you to go see tankmen and then compair the two humor wise. btw if u think tankmen is two gay then you are an insecure closet queer yourself. i hope the maker gets arrested for some random reason and becomes jail bait the rest of his life... o wait, he would love that

kingofthecactus responds:

The only fucking "funny" jokes on tankman were immature penis and sack jokes. Unless you like penis and sacks I suggest you watch a different flash other than fucking tankman. At least my flash has original humor in it! Where's your flash douchebag? Oh wait you don't have any! Shut your fucking ass you fucking tankman loving fag!

Tankmen rules!

I, too, came here from reading your ridiculous review of Tankmen. Since you gave it a '0' on every level, apparently since its humor was at a level so below yours. Well, I've got news for you: I watched this whole flash and didn't even crack a smile. It was dreadful.

kingofthecactus responds:

ABUSIVE! ABUSIVE! ABUSIVE! cough cough tankman sucks! suck a penis. ABUSIVE! ABUSIVE! ABUSIVE! you like men! FUCK U! ASSHOLE! BITCH! NO sense of humor!

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

May 19, 2006
11:34 PM EDT