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madness stage creatorV1.3

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=D more upgreat to this stage creator of madness.

have fun!!!!.


Wtf is this this is like nothing! colors as humans for grunts? no main charcters from the series. Crazy guns from other games. NEXT TIME IF YOU CREATE A MADNESS SCENE CREATOR DO NOT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THIS.

kinda nice but

this is my thirth review today its not going to well

well u should make the screen bigger and pa a button to copy the object ur curently holding.... be able to turn stuff urself....
oh and most of all MAKE THE DAMN SCREEN BIGGER!!!


im really sorry, because i love madness, but this is an insult to it, why is it on the top 50? did you bribe someone? Anyway you should work on the graphics, sound and playability, but awesome concept.

i agree

i agree with the last review,its was really slow,im surprise it got save you must have a lot of friend here,i will admit that all the weapons look great all well draw and the music mission impossible when well with the style of your flash,so overall fix the curser bug and maybe add maybe a few background to add more interactivity to the game...

My curser was to SLOW!!!

Since everything in the game was slow, I didn't really play it. I love Madness movies and/or games. So try to fix that problem and I will give you a five =)

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2.06 / 5.00

May 19, 2006
8:23 PM EDT
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