Goku vs Vegeta TLD

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Wohoo Collection Award... thx everyone who helped... i bet now much more ppl will see that fight XD... Sweet :P
Fps - 30
Frames - More than 10 000
Time Spend - 2.5 Month

Goku and Vegeta decided to make the last fight... to see who is the strongest... The old rivality will end today.
Hi Ppl... i hope you like my DBZ movie...
Well i wont bother u with my own comment... just watch my KICK ASS work...
- DuDuL


Very good !

You've done a great job on this one. The spriting and voice-acting is really
good, the fight between Goku and Vegeta is fun to watch and the little "twist"
with Super Buu is well set. But there is one fact that I, as a huge fan of Dragonball and it's continues and as a guy who believes that this series is good not only for it's fighting scenes, noticed and I didn't like so much. Goku and Vegeta fused to
Vegetto, which is the result of potara fusion, but later they unfused, which is in a normal case impossible. I know that they unfused in the manga and the anime, but that was because of some kind of special gas that Buu's body produced from his inside. When Vegetto went to Buu's stomach he dissolved the shield he made so that Buu couldn't absorb his power, but it also ended in the fact that the gas made Vegetto unfuse to Goku and Vegeta.

I know that it is a little nitpicking, but that is really the only thing I have to criticize about this flash animation.

9/10 = Very close to perfection. ;)


yo this is awesome dbz rocks!

ok 1 porblem

when vegeta did his last attack at the end he said its wrong ... other then that AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's the reading on his average rating? IT'S PVER 9000!!!!

:D cool!

:D! cool! XD can u make some vid like this but with Gohan?

... Gohan forever... Broly forever... Krillin? hahahaha

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4.31 / 5.00

May 19, 2006
4:36 PM EDT