Goku vs Vegeta TLD

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Wohoo Collection Award... thx everyone who helped... i bet now much more ppl will see that fight XD... Sweet :P
Fps - 30
Frames - More than 10 000
Time Spend - 2.5 Month

Goku and Vegeta decided to make the last fight... to see who is the strongest... The old rivality will end today.
Hi Ppl... i hope you like my DBZ movie...
Well i wont bother u with my own comment... just watch my KICK ASS work...
- DuDuL


Good but

Its not ki Its chi pernounsed -chi- not ki just wanted you to know that

DuDuL responds:

I know

that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those grapics were tight! this is my favorite dbz fight between kakarot and vegeta!!

DuDuL responds:

awesome thx

this is my first pixel dbz fight i've seen...

and i gotta say that im impressed. awesome fight but theres just one thing i gotta point out, did they use the potara earrings to fuse or the fusion dance. im guessing the earings but once they become vegetto they cant unfuse (unless they're inside buu's lawless corpse) so i think you made a mistake there. otherwise awesome flash!

DuDuL responds:

dude xD i hate you... xD who said it will be 100% match the oryginal dbz XD :P lol... its my movie... my script... everything is mine... xD i could do fuse even by gay scene xD who cares... its my movie xD :P so dont point the minor things xD its my AWESOME movie... xD BSHLABLALBHGDALBVABLDABLDBLDA BLBLDBLSBLABLADBLDABL XD
Kick ass XD you got me ? XD
Never point it agaoin XDBVDSLVEVLAE VLASF BLAH BLAH (nonsense blah blah about that this is my movie)...
So i bet you lerned the lesson XD
I like you when you will change xD

Great Job!

Great use of effects, that's what really caught my eye in this movie. Those power up's were done so well, and the action, oh the action! It was great. 5/5!

DuDuL responds:

And the review..., Oh the review! It is great. 4/5 thx <--- buhahaha im evil

Look Its a bird! Wait no Its a plane!! No its a...

Other Dbz Goku Vs Vegeta movie!! I have to say out of all the dbz goku Vs vegeta movies out there this would have to get 2nd place...Why? Because i cant reamber the other ones so one of those could have been better...But back to the movie.. it was nice it had the sound...The voices (were they real O.o Exept vegeat...) the fast pace action dbz fans know and love.....i liked the side quest, (Goku & Vegeat vs Buu) then they went back to fighting i dident suspect that.Still the whole movie was awsome right down to the "Choose who you want to Win"... 5/5 10/10

DuDuL responds:

Woa.... thx

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4.31 / 5.00

May 19, 2006
4:36 PM EDT