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- Skate Flash Collab -

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- Skate Flash Collab -

Originally began in the skate flash collab on NG it grew to include members of NGC.
although only 4 authors in the end completed there parts, these parts are of high quality and of decent enough lenght to carry off the whole movie.


**update 1**

btw dont forget o watch extras

there have been a couple of reviews saying they have marked down due to a lack fo plot, i think this is a really stupid reason

1) most collabs dont have plots, there have themes liek thsi one is skateboarding

2)most movies on NG (solos) dont have themes

3) the movie is suppost to be fun and we were concentrating more on physics then anything.


can't complain...

not bad... graphics weren't great, but I give you guys credit for being able to animate shit like this... the physics are tough to get right... so I gave you a nine in style... music was good, and the sfx were good, but the song wasn't long enough to fit the whole collab... so the last few seconds of Cronic's part, all i heard were the sfx... but overall, i feel that was a pretty good collab!

Nice bit of animating ya got here

I've got loads of friends who skate, and this comes pretty close to the real thing. The music was awesome, the animation kicked ass, and the different art styles were great. You could add a little more variation to the tricks you do instead of kickflipping and big spinning all the time, but besides that this is great.

Nice job.

Not that great in graphics, but nice anyway. Lot of cool movies and stuff.

I liked the song and sfx, the fit the animation nicely.

I also gave humor a 3 for the treadmill thing. Lol

Great work.

Good job to cronic_22 and all who participated...well it went much quicker than my collab...and much more successful =]

Good luck on all your future projects =]


It was cool, but they all did the same thing.

I thought it was cool, although they could have done something else with the skaters, like jump over an old lady, I still think its a good movie though.

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3.92 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
5:05 PM EDT
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