The Promise of Home

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Wow, frontage again,Thanks Tom!
Alright, this movie will make some people cry. Let's face it. The world is not perfect. Tragedies happening everyday; however, not every tragedies crush our hearts. After we suffered pains, we go on. This story took place in Wuhan, 1938. Partially based on a real story.

----For those who believed there is too much advertising in this movie, I apologize and will keep them at a minimum in the future.


teary me

this toon was the first one ive seen that actualy made me cry like a kid who cut his knee. Tear jearking and happy sad, this overrules all ive seenin all of newgrounds. in short, it was awsome. all my 10 r go2 this.

You don't know your chinese history/superstition

the 1900's only simbolizes the death of the han chinese empire, which by the way, i am a decendant of. the actual empire wan only on the way to destruction. but shortly after, in the next centuary the nation was united and the centuary symbolizes modernization. then the commies came. the end.

It was alright

I like your 1001 wishes better, probaly because I can to it relate better . Try fixing up your animation as well.

it was ok.

the graphics weren't great. the mouths were horible. you should try to fix the faces so that they move smoother.
the music was a bit too repetitive in the lyrics, the song also didn't match the movie at times. also when the song stopped it made me less intentive to the movie, expecialy when you played the same song after the silence which made me a little annoyed.
the story was very good,
but don't switch from him talking about his past to him talking as if it was now.
when you changed from third person to first person like that it can confuss da duffasus and just make you look bad.
also in this kind of sad story don't give the "and we lived happily ever after" soon after a major trajedy.when the mom died you didn't but enought of a sad scene. you just kind of said she died and didn't give enought respect to the fact that the kid's hopes and second most important charater just died.

my thoughts,

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BEAUTIFUL> this realy made me cry.STFU this is realy nice. i can cry once in a why'll. damn, realy dramatic. make more flash like this.

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4.10 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
3:39 PM EDT