The Promise of Home

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Wow, frontage again,Thanks Tom!
Alright, this movie will make some people cry. Let's face it. The world is not perfect. Tragedies happening everyday; however, not every tragedies crush our hearts. After we suffered pains, we go on. This story took place in Wuhan, 1938. Partially based on a real story.

----For those who believed there is too much advertising in this movie, I apologize and will keep them at a minimum in the future.


This was great

This was very good....(sniff).....no im not crying!!!!!!! keep it up man this was really good


That was sad and made me want to hug my mum

I hated it

This has the exact same problems with 1001 wishes. story dragged on for too long and u played the song twice again! im not saying that u dont have talent its just i dont like what your doing with it.

I'm seeing a pattern here...

I barely post reviews here on Newgrounds, but for this movie, I make an exception.

I liked your submission called Her and Mine 1001 wishes, but it had exactly the same flaws as this movie, notably the mediocre graphics, and especially the animation. You have a knack for influencing people emotionally, and you should definitely keep your focus there. The poor quality of the movie itself weakens the effect, reducing it to mediocrity.

One thing you should ditch is the pattern you seem to apply to your movies. You basically pick a song, play it twice, and show a slightly animated slide-show in the process. I noticed how you incorporated a running animation somewhere in the middle of the movie, it didn't look all that bad. If you just take a little more time and use this kind of animation thoughout most of your scenes, you could definitely make the whole thing easier to watch, and improve the storytelling.

The combination of on-screen dialogue and music works, but try and use two different songs, and don't let them determine the length of the movie. Get rid of the silence in the middle and try and use music without any lyrics.

I hope you find this review useful, and that it might help improve your next works. I'm definitely going to watch them.

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brought me to tears a very nice emotional piece.

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4.10 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
3:39 PM EDT