The Promise of Home

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Wow, frontage again,Thanks Tom!
Alright, this movie will make some people cry. Let's face it. The world is not perfect. Tragedies happening everyday; however, not every tragedies crush our hearts. After we suffered pains, we go on. This story took place in Wuhan, 1938. Partially based on a real story.

----For those who believed there is too much advertising in this movie, I apologize and will keep them at a minimum in the future.



ok 1. u are a master
2. never watch 2 in a row made me break my promise on 1001 wishes.
3. make a happy flash plz
4.ur movies are going into my favs

Proud and Strength

As before I've watched your vids several times, well the ones that I were able to find. And I have to tell you that your vids are truly incredable. You were once again able to grabs the viewers attention and thier emotions change. I went back several comments pages adn saw how many viewers have told you in thier honest opinion on how they thought of your vid. They cried, they showed such a powerful and strong emotion. You deserve 10/10 stars
you are incredable artist and arthur.


This was very touching, and was very sad. Although things like this happen, happened, and will happen, we never quite imagine it happening to us. But when we look at through eyes of people who have been through it, we look at it as a sorrowful story and feel bad. I almost cried at the end, but we must think, that there will always be worse. No matter what, something bad can always make it worse so we must appreciate what we have.


T^T, i cried(im a guy) before i aproach the ending, and i can't finnish it.
make a happy flash next time please
by the way, im asian too!
i understand every word of S.H.E's song
nice choice of songs


This flash was long and had a very sad storyline, which i like

and if you celebrate it...
Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

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May 18, 2006
3:39 PM EDT