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Anger Management 2006

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this is part of my "not even a dollar" flashes. took me a very very short while to create

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Not funny, but still

After looking at another one of yours i decided to look at one. You have great ability on the graphics, but you need to put more effort in this. With just a little bit of effort these can become a lot better. You do have a great imagination thought on your works.

Not too good

I really didn't like this. Maybe you should stop handing in the flashes that you do in a couple hours and actually make a complete and well thought out piece of work. I really didn't think this was worth anything, but I think you could do alot better if you put your mind to it. I look forward to seeing better things from you in the future.

Kinda poo

The photo thing has a bit of style, but the story is pretty poo. The voice is pretty quiet too you may like to tirn it up. I don't really get why you used a character with no arms, it was a shame because it could've been ok.

As for that last reviewer - I'm sure they teach you it's not your fault you get angry when in anger management, 'it's a chemical imbalance' - well it's not, it's your inept self control, since you're poorly developed people. The good news is it's not YOUR FAULT you're poorly developed, it's your families! Yay!

I found this a tad offensive

Being an anger management class student, I found this pretty offensive, people in angermanagement are trying to change and stupid videos making fun of it don't exactly help. Why don't you find something better to do then put down people with a problem that isnt even their fault, especially ones doing their very best to change.

Why don't you make fun of people paralyzed from the waist down, or little people, its basically the same thing, and while your at it, go ahead and make fun of stephen hawking for having to talk through a computer.

Nothing happened

All I heard was audio.

Credits & Info

1.80 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
3:10 PM EDT