DD : Jimmy's Revenge

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------ READ FIRST PLEASE ------

preloader fixed,

voice in spoof 3, was done by : KF_MWH

edit : ohw stupid me, i forgot to give, GodKill
his credits, cause he ripped the Jimmy sprites

and yes, after this i will keep making DD movie's
Cause DD tributes are awesome, not only for my self, but also for, People who realy liked DD in the 80/90's

and again, Enjoy!!


nice one

that was a pretty good sprite animation. have you made this into a series based off of DD? if you have, then i'll have to check it out.. but if you haven't, then you really should because this animation was quite nice. godo usage of the sprites, nice audio, cool action and it was pretty fun to watch. glad to see this one win an award too.

rebaz responds:

back then this would have won a daily feature, but my Preloader was fucked , so the thing it was, this whole flash started in the middle of the movie, and that Screwed my score, but i was too lazy too repost it xD, i'm doing fine with a Daily third.
thnx dude, and no, these arent series, they are all..(well all 3) are different story's well i mean, AH FUKXD, nvm just watch em, and enjoy, Thnx dude, LATTA


Since there was no random screaming, i was a little thrown off at first, but then as I watched, it started to interest me...You are an awesome animator and should keep bringing more awesomeness to NG!!! 101010101010!!!!!!

oh, and a 1000/5 on the blam/save vote, w00t!

rebaz responds:

man, it was soo long ago i got a review on one of my DD movie's. well
thnx dude xD, mehh, the be sprited things we actually made on mistake , XD
and lol, this review realy...like..YEA~!!!, awesome
anyway, thnx dude, seeya latta!!

Beautifully done.

My word I am in awe at how excellent this is. It had a great story behind it instead of oh you killed my so and so lets fight ...the end. I actually got pumped up watching this that now I gotta go play double dragon and avenge Marian also. Keep making more this world needs your talent.

rebaz responds:

"Keep making more this world needs your talent."

i apreciate those words, and yea, DD RULEZ YEA!!,
thnx for the review man, i love these kind of reviews,

WOW.......thats all that needs to be said

When i first saw that there was a double dragon flash i thought it was going ti be HORRIBLE but man, seeing how much of a big fan i am and CLEARLY you being one as well you've set a serious standard in my book man and you definately got my Vote on your work dude...i hope you really keep up the Double Dragon flashes and where did you get the rmeix for this??....Good WORK!!

rebaz responds:

hey man,
yo watsup, i'm fine , i'm fine.
thnx that you didnt find this horrible, and you've noticed how huge a fan i am. and yes, i'm keeping up the DD flashes, where i got the mixed soundtracks? wich one you mean? PM me.

P.S. ive got another DD tribute with DD II : The revenge sprites. Enjoy =D

~Rebaz Talei~

Great Job

I watched this because in my inbox, you told me to watch your other stuff. I never noticed it. Thanks for pointing it out. It was great.

rebaz responds:

its because you liked my other stuff, so i thought i could show you the other thingyXD LMAO, although, Thnx you liked it =D!

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4.16 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
1:08 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 19, 2006