DD : Jimmy's Revenge

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------ READ FIRST PLEASE ------

preloader fixed,

voice in spoof 3, was done by : KF_MWH

edit : ohw stupid me, i forgot to give, GodKill
his credits, cause he ripped the Jimmy sprites

and yes, after this i will keep making DD movie's
Cause DD tributes are awesome, not only for my self, but also for, People who realy liked DD in the 80/90's

and again, Enjoy!!


ATTENTION SONIC FLASHERS:How sprite flash is done.

For all you newbs, watch this sprite flash. Rebaz understands how to use dialog. "Click Next" buttons on dialog just means a free blam point.

rebaz responds:

WOWHWOHOWWHWO, are you kidding me:P!

Super glad ya liked it man!! =D!

And you said this wasn't gonna be good...

...but in fact Rebaz my man THIS KICKED ASS!!! You give yourself too little credit, this was like a DBZ fight only 100x better. Now for my Review:

Graphics (10) - True Double Dragon style as was DDII - The Revenge.

Style (10) - You put in my favorite technique, the fighting was awesome, not to mention the final technique Billy used.

Sound (10) - Music S Rank
Sound FX S Rank
Everything is top notch.

Violence (10) - As I said in as part of my Style review, the fighting was awesome.

Interactivity (10) - My word you have some good spoofs this time.

Humor (10) - (Insert reference to funny spoofs here.)

Overall (10) - Once again Rebaz you've proven your worthiness in asskicking sprite flash, Double Dragon even. My 5s definitely belong to this.

rebaz responds:

as i said yea, allot of people(beta testers) told me this going to have a 4,00 + , well as you can seem this got a 3,69, i was super glad when i saw i had a daily third place, i realy did not expected this XD!! , =D

i am glad that you liked the sprite flashie =D


Great one

I liked it. Great action for a Double Dragon flash xD But yea the thing that rocked most was the music ofcourse. Greetz~!

rebaz responds:

yea, i know..... i love DD music

yet another great movie

Awsome flash keep 'em coming =D

rebaz responds:

thnx, glad ya liked it =D

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4.16 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
1:08 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 19, 2006