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A Call To Artists

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A barrage of sound and images demanding dissent ...

*** In response to the many reviews, thank you all. I had no idea this piece was so offensive!!

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Cold Play rose up and Glen Beck went on a rant which made them even more popular then ever... You can make money in revolt... That should be what your next flash is about!

Not Perfect... But inspiring!
4 stars!


For a movie that is supposed to inspire dissent you certainly didn't say much. It was a five sentence speech that pretty much said "We need artists. You have failed to keep up with current events. For shame." Also the deep crackly voice didn't help your 'message.' Neither did the very prominent pot leaf. You don't need to freakin' smoke pot to be an artist! This whole smoking pot makes you more creative thing is pure BS. I was hoping for something idealistic and inspiring. You've delivered something that is depressing and proves why these sort of ideas can never become mainstream, because they are associated with people like you.

Menion1066 responds:

"these sort of ideas" ... What sort? Like war is wrong? People over profits? ... I know: I'm a radical lunatic! ... Nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to consider this piece!

I hate to break it to you..

But i usualy dont take advice from stoners.................

Menion1066 responds:

And i would advise you not to.

i agree 100%

i have nothing bad to say about this flash. kudos and please keep fighting the good fight.
i put protest music up all over the internet.


this was very thought provoking and interesting im not sure if i like it ... i fink i do?

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3.72 / 5.00

May 18, 2006
7:20 AM EDT