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Don't let it happen...

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Author Comments

this is a plea... don't let it come to this...


Extremely sensitive and sensible.

The message is clear. Taking our anger and vengeance out on Arabic speaking people in the USA at this time would make as much sense as the rounding up and incarceration of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor. The creator(s) of this movie make a good point. Let's keep our heads in this time of volatile emotions; let's take time to find, and honor our dead.

this is a good movie

Osama Bin Laden and his cronies must pay, but starting a war may only destroy the world. Humans have so much power these days, we need to fight so that a war DOESNT break out, and that only the Terrorists, and the countries that knowingly harbour and support terrorist activity should be brought to justice. This is what I think, hope and pray will happen, as a war now may very well destroy everything. Personnally, I think that good will come out of this. Another Great Coalition! this is beyond NATO or the UN, this is HUMANITY! everyone with a grace of humanity in them wants to see these acts paid for, and rightly so. This will further strengthen the bond between america and her allies. Hatred is not the answer though. killing all Middle Eastern people because 1 group of people did this is NOT good judgement. I hope George Bush does find out exactly who did this, so they can be killed, and wiped off the planet. But killing peaceful innocents will only cause more hatred towards the United States in countries like Iraq, who are testing nuclear weapons. Lets not be hasty in our judgement. My fellow canadians, my american friends, lend me your ear, allow us to move beyond this horrible tragedy, and bring swift justice, and vengeance to all those who deserve it. thank you.

PS- email me if you wish to continue this conversation or add notes, chances are, I will not return to this movie.

Yours truly,

I agree with you completely but......

........there are out there who are narrow minded they refuse to see that what happened was not unprovoked (Dessert strom thousands of innocent iraqies killed). America has a degree of arogence. This arogance is what will fuel the Hatred, the war and the racial killing.

The guy before me is a perfect example of this arrogance, not american just arrogance in genral.
America has killed so many innocent people in these countries. they probly felt the way you did Da_zing_man. Let me ask you this: When they find they people responseable and kill them will you be happy will you be happy if america goes to war with these countries and kills even more innocent people. if yes why is it so wrong middle eastens people to be happy.
They have been suffering almost all there life due to america putting its nose were it shouldnt so how dare you all take such narrow minded views on the subject. by demanding death you are lowering yourselves to the level of the terroists themselves.

Thanx for reading, by the way I dont agree at all with th lose of innocent life.

i do NOT agree.......

now i'm canadian...but i feel very strongely about this aswell, there were hundreds if not thousands of canadians killed in the WTC!

and i'm outraged!!!! aswell as many canadians!

those who did this deserve no mercy.... those who died deserve vengance!!!! VENGANCE!!!!!

bring on war, bring on genocide!! those who did this must BURN!!!

I do agree ... but

You gotta keep in mind that right now a lot of people in the middle east are celebrating like no tomorrow... people dancing and passing out candy to children and just having a good ole fucking time.

If the Arabian government said "Great" and the people said "No it isn't!" that's one thing... but when a whole country is acting like it's the most glorious day in all the world for acting such a cowardly and inhumane act...

Well I won't go out and shoot some people myself but don't expect any sympathy from me if they end up getting mysteriously bombed. I guess it's kinda a do unto others thing...

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Sep 12, 2001
2:29 PM EDT