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Demonic Truck

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**IMPORTANT** Press 'K' to return to menu at any time

Hello all! IMPORTANT!: read How to play before playing, you need to know some keys ^_^

Demonic Truck is the game that you wont get bored to play, great music, great levels combinations... And much more, just check it out!

This is a game DieEvilSanta and i were working on, we leaved it for more than 3 months and i wanted to continue, so, here it is!.

- Random generated levels! you wont get bored!!!
- Best Of The Best World Highscores! Beat the best time in the world
- 10 Challenge levels! More fun that you already have
- Secrets! some secrets that you will love to play!

Thanks to you and to all people named in credits ^_^ Thanks to everyone who supported this! thanks Newgrounds, thanks Armorgames, just that... thanks =)

This game was made with a purpose: Have fun! yep, it was created to entertain people, if you have fun with it, i win, but what do i win? i love to see the smyles in the face when kids play and have fun ^___^

What is the objective of it?: Beat the world time, complete Challenges, try cars and be winner of the game... but more important, JUST HAVE FUN!

Heh, i love good reviews that can actually help me making my games better so, please review =)

Thanks for play, seriously :) this game was made for you



DxNightSlayerDx is right. all you gotta do is hold the gas to beat the game. Normally I would give the person atleast a decent rating. But this deserves 0 stars for all its worth. It was a waste of my time to even try this game. Hope you work harder on your flash's if you even make more.

Next time you make a flash make sure to give it a little more of a challange. Games like these are to easy to make. So ramp it up a bit with more tracks. You said none of the tracks are the same but yet I noticed everytime I played free run it was the same track over and over again. Put some more time into it before you post it.

Hope that helps you out a bit.

Your newgrounds friend,


This game is terrible for:
1) No way to restart
2) Its hard to flip back over if you flip over
3) u can fall off the map and u will just keep falling forever and you cant stop it
4) Not very challenging
Normally i don't rate so bad but this game is just terrible

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If you fall off the map, you don't restart.

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If you go off the map, wich happens a lot easily, it won't reteart and you are screwed. Only good thing was you can drive and flip.


to beat the game all u have to do is hold the gas

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3.28 / 5.00

May 17, 2006
8:05 PM EDT
Sports - Racing